Tricks of the trade

Year: 1988. Director: John Stagliano. Starring: Bella Donna, Brandy Alexandre, Dana Lynn, Kathleen Gentry, Stephanie Rage, Blake Palmer, Buddy Love, Jesse Adams, John Leslie, Peter North. Description: Sexy producer Jim Journeyman (John Leslie) knows his employ! Whether it’s making a sex-crazed porn starlet vibrate with whatever healthy off-camera work, or leading a dildo environs with a individual surprise, Journeyman is the directive proficient on the Tricks of the Change. But, when a ruttish wife wants to fortuity into the business, this officer of the chromatic medium has his impact revilement discover for him. Luckily, Beth is a hurried think! After an awing sex-scene warning from bodaciously invested Blonde, Beth is primed for anything! An indulging practice with threesome formal studs proves Beth has what it takes to be a passion professed…and how!!

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