Men Come First

Year: 1980. Director: Francis Ellie. Starring: n/a. Description: A door-to-door salesman (played by Arm Prentis) commerce “married aids” is featured in this New 70′s flick that utilised a beatific pane of nutriment. The environs where he demonstrates their important creation, Forever Hornlike, is soooo queer! He actually stands, and balances himself, on the guys shaft after applying the balm, to exhibit how unadaptable your shaft becomes. There’s added environs where digit of digit lovers meet crapper’t seem to cum, and the salesman has them attain fuck in face of him so he crapper dissect the difficulty. As they are ass absent, he takes discover a bottle-rocket same aparatus, sticks it up the man’s ass, and of instruction, they cum same angry! George Payne is ostensibly in a “cameo”, a vision environs involving leather, and a Brobdingnagian poppers incase as a scenery.!

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