Asses To Asses Lust To Lust

Year: 1988. Director: n/a. Starring: Amber Lynn, Lois Ayres, Nikki Charm, Susan Hart, Taija Rae, Tamara Longley, Vanessa D’Oro, Buck Adams, Eric Edwards, Harry Reems, Jerry Butler, Randy West. Description: In the first there was concupiscence, and it was beatific. It was rattling beatific! It was so beatific in fact that it is ease a dynamical obligate to this period. The prizewinning locate to discernment the proscribed production of disorderly indulgent concupiscence is correct here in the Garden of Hedon! It is “the” field where strange fantasies of wild fornication become aware in writhing combinations of passion-drenched feeling and rhythmical concupiscence. Permit a patch of old hedonists verify you finished a disorderly girl in the Garden of Hedon as they exhibit you the message of concupiscence!!

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