Cupid’s Arrow

The God of love is alive and loose in modern suburbia! A deranged stock-broker decides that these isn’t enough love in the world, so he’s gonna give it some. Transforming himself into the mystical character, he goes out into the world equipped with a toy dart gun that possesses the power of passion. This zany spoof takes place in his neighbor’s house, where love has been lacking. After entering their house and shooting a desirous dart into a bowl of fruit – knowing that those who gobble…will wooble – he slips away, unseen. The action begins when MRS. Suburbia eats an apple, then tries to eat her ho-hum husband! Friend after fruit-eating friend takes lust into their own hands when eating Cupid’s fire inducing fruit. After unpeeling a banana they’re unpeeling their clothes!

Lenght: 01:20:58

Year: 1984

Director: Drea

Lisa De Leeuw

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