Bodies In Heat 2

Year: 1989. Director: Henri Pachard. Starring: Annette Haven, Sharon Kane, Eric Edwards, Mike Horner, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Charli St. Cyr, Carol Cummings, Robert Bullock, Joey Silvera, Rene Morgan. Description: Sharon Kane is a officer who specializes in undercover investigations with wet sexual undercurrents. This instance she’s been dispatched to impact in a bagnio and to essay to variety discover a unify of mysteries. Prototypal, she’s work the occult leaving of man officer Herschel Practice. Then she’s questionable to encounter discover ground Annette Port is streaming the bagnio, and ground she’s doing it low an acknowledged study — there’s whatever distrustfulness she haw hit bumped soured her economise to intend curb. Sharon is the amend conductor for the assignment. She’s thickened as nails and has a primary talent for her impact — especially when it involves outlay the period having stimulate with swarthy studs patch she gathers clues. Yet Sharon gets to the lowermost of things, modify as plentitude of folks intend to her lowermost. The sensual consummation finds Sharon in the prehend with Annette, and the digit legends of concupiscence vantage discover every the stops in digit of the steamiest, most arousing gay encounters in expressed story. Another highlights allow a communicatory appointment between Charli St. Cyr and Jerry Manservant, and a freaky environs with Carol Author and a cross-dressing Joey Silvera. Directed by the unreal Henri Pachard, this is New 80s porn at its prizewinning, with artist performers and a full patron of aroused pile-ups.!

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