Strange Behavior

Year: 1990. Director: Fred J. Lincoln. Starring: Patricia KennedyMiss PomodoroDora DiceTiaraM.A. MooreJoey SilveraMarc WalliceT.T. BoyFred J. Lincoln. Description: In this wet verify soured on the unreal TV program Match Peaks, a teen teenager has absent absent, and the municipality is worried displeased. When a straight-arrow land officer shows up to assistance in the see, he starts to unveil every of the municipality’s unconventional secrets. Whats , he finds himself irresistibly worn to the kinkiest of what he discovers. Presently, he’s encumbered in a sexual decadence which at erst repels him and binds him to the municipality. But what of that absent teenager? As we wager in flashbacks, she was digit of the municipality’s busiest sexual entities, and her dawdle is studded with disorderly stimulate and sulfurous plot. A alarming moralistic symbolization, and a thin someone of psychological episode!

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