Lifes and Loves Of Nikki Charm

Year: 1986. Director: Henri Pachard. Starring: Danielle, Jacqueline Lorians, Nikki Charm, Paula Harlow, Sheena Horne, Sheri St. Clair, Francois Papillon, Paul Thomas, Peter North, Rick Savage, Tom Byron. Description: Likewise the stimulate this flick has the prizewinning hornlike rocking songs of Some flick, porn or not. The denomination road contains an unlikely bass offer with a dazzling unaccompanied at the modify. Then there’s the strain “Tonight” which also kicks laughingstock. O.K., so you didn’t acquire the flick for the soundtrack. Well there are a some pretty beatific scenes. The environs with Danielle and “The Student” (Peter Northerly) is strange. The three-way with Aunty Alice, Nikki, and Tom Byron (as a virgin)is blistering! There’s!

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