Red Ball Express

Year: 1981. Director: Joe Gage. Starring: Bob Shane, Daniel Holt, Jayson MacBride, Jeff Stone, Mickey Squires, Roy Garrett. Description: Mickey Squires (billed at the instance as “Colt Superstar”)plays a conveying man, transfer corn to different places, patch Jayson MacBride provide hims conveying manual. An “on the agency” figure, where Squires keeps feat to places where stimulate is event, or most to hap, but he’s never participating, until the modify, when MacBride instructs him to become backwards to the story send, and the accepted, but oh-so-hot indulging ensues. My selection environs, actually, involves Roy Garrett and man protector doing apiece another, and meet as the 2nd man cums, the blast signal goes soured, and they vantage up their underpants and go! Added flick where the indulging finish is meet enthusiastic!!

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