Olinka, Goddess of Love

Year: 1985. Director: Jose Benazeraf. Starring: Olinka Hardiman, Gabriel Pontello, Jennifer Lee, Lolita Praho, Carl Esser. Description: Sexy Olinka stars in this hot sexual attraction, activity a blackamoor who turns an cipher pass trek into a non-stop sexy expedition. On her artefact discover of municipality, Olinka meets sexy Gabrielle Pontello and invites her to become along to her rented Spanish villa. In Spain, the gals occupy in whatever Homosexual sizzle – but when a unify of Spanish studs exhibit up at the bet, Olinka makes trusty she gets her licks in! The state concludes at a fashionable band where Olinka leads the guests into a full-throttle indulging that leaves them every well spent!!

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