Deal or No Deal Model and Nude Star Hayley Marie Norman Arrested in Los Angeles PICS

norman arrested

…thus landing herself a role in the non-televised, totally-not-a-game show, Plea Deal or No Plea Deal? Sorry. That’s what you call “low-hanging fruit.”

Speaking of fruit, Hayley Marie Norman, the luscious brown pear who’s known as Deal or No Deal‘s “Suitcase Girl #25″ to most people, but as Justice, the badass topless motorcycle mama from Crash, to Mr. Skin, was arrested today in Los Angeles. Hayley is accused of making “obscene or threatening phone calls” to the current girlfriend of her ex-fiance; police were alerted after the woman received a text from Norman which said simply: “You’re a fucking cunt.”

Norman has also been charged with vandalism after allegedly scrawling the same epithet, along with the message “This girl sucks dicks for free,” on the side of her romantic rival’s apartment building. Uhm, you’d rather she charged $20?

Hayley says that her idol is blaxploitation goddess Pam Grier, a skinspiration that should come in handy in the clink. Hayley, when the criminal justice system is getting you down, just ask yourself: “What Would Pam Grier Do?” (Hint: the answer is always “lesbian shower scene.”)

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