Climax 2000 1

AVN Top 500 An erotic love story, set within a futuristic cyberpunk counterculture that erupts from the electronic highway. The technology for Virtual Sex is nearly a decade away – except in the laboratory of a computer hacker, Will. Known simply as “The Phantom,” he is a recluse who lives in a wickedly erotic netherworld. Will The Phantom achieve his Virtual Sexual Reality? Will his hideout, the aging Orpheum Theater, be overtaken by sleazy producers? Join the legendary Michael Zen on this journey to an alternate reality of the year 2000, where superstars like Leena, Nikki Sinn, Vixxen and Kaitlyn Ashley are the norm. Where anything can happen – and does.

Lenght: 01 h 28 min 37 sec

Year: 1994

Director: Michael Zen

Kaitlyn Ashley

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