Erotic Radio WSEX

In a certain town, one husband cannot satisfy his wife, a construction worker doesn’t even have sex with his and a cheating husband’s wife fantasizes about the pool guy. The unsatisfied wife fantasizes about being in a threesome with two robbers, and later about being with her friend – the cheating husband’s wife. Meanwhile in a live radio show, a radio host all of a sudden ducks down and brings a masturbation expert “sexocologist” to orgasm. Once he is done, she returns the favor. The mayor applies pressure and the radio host is promptly fired. But a businesswoman offers to air the show in syndication and then provides the radio host with a personal visit. During a party, the cheating husband’s wife catches him in action with the construction worker’s wife. The construction worker and the unsatisfactory husband cheat too but don’t get caught. The construction worker’s wife calls the show and sets a personal date with the host. The construction worker wants vengeance but his friends calm him down by taking him to a strip club where he tells his problems to a stripper. In the end, the cheating husband’s wife makes up with him. The unsatisfactory husband finally satisfies his wife. The Construction worker’s wife learns to satisfy herself. The radio host decides not to sell out and keep airing just in his own town where he is a big fish in a small pond.

Lenght: 01:19:16

Year: 1983

Director: Bob Augustus

Herschel Savage

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