Dance Fever

Feel the Beat! You’ll learn that here is more to dancing than just moving your feet in this sex filled feature. We are introduced to a world of horny hard bodies who would rather copulate than dance. Sensuous “Chic” centerfold, Ginger Lynn shows us the ins and outs of doing what feels good and she doesn’t miss a beat. The movements this delectable honey makes are enough to make anyone’s mouth water! Porn superstars Misty Regan and Lynn Raye have a surprise for the ladies – it seems they have a date with a handsome male stripper (John Stagliano). This virile young hunk gets more than he bargains for as these two delectable vixens give it to him every way imaginable. If that’s not enough, wait ’til you see what these other nymphs have waiting for you. Pulse pounding sex and deep pleasure abounds in this sensual expose. Each hot throbbing moment is filled with scene after scene of passionate male-female, female-female and solo sex. Every facet of “sex dancing” is covered. So get hot with “Dance Fever!

Lenght: 01:15:22

Year: 1985

Director: John Stagliano

Ginger Lynn Allen

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