Urban Cowgirls

Rock along to Rock-A-Bye Billy’s and meet those good ol’ gals…the Urban Cowgirls! Against the glitter and spangle, the jingle and jangle of Billy’s big-city dance hall, these warm-hearted honeys lay out all their cards! Jocelyn is a regular at Billy’s, and she believes in “live and let live”…and having a good time while doing it! At play, she’s anywhere the action is, often with her bosom chum, Amanda. Amanda has the good fortune to be the gorgeous, young widow of a wealthy man; money is no object as she picks and chooses, and always gets what she wants. Then there’s Marianne – fresh-faced and innocent, who has a smile for everyone but eyes for only one. She’s an ol’fashioned country girl with plenty of romantic fantasies – backed by the belief that a man should do the pursuing…once you have his attention, of course! Headlong passion charges every minute of this splendid portrait of familiar folk. Look closely – you may see someone you know!

Lenght: 01:50:35

Year: 1980

Director: Jonathan Lucas

Veronica Hart

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