The CLIMAX! It’s the tingle people take the ultimate risk to achieve.

Anne (Cody Nicole) is one such thrillseeker who delights in cheating on her husband Charles (Eric Edwards), who likewise is a nonstop nookie-chaser.

Seeking fulfillment, the carnal fleshpots of Atlantic City provide Charles with one forbidden sex act after another…until he loses his last dime to a crooked poker player (Joey Silvera).

To make matters even worse, Charles gets rolled by two outrageous and provocative hookers (Rhonda Jo Petty and Rene Summers).

Deceptions and seductions run rampant, until that fateful night finally comes where Anne has to pay Charles’ gambling debt.

If you expect Charles and Anne’s sexual adventures to end here, forget it!

The passion continues on and on, into the night.

Lenght: 01 h 21 min 00 sec

Year: 1986

Director: Henri Pachard

Carol Cross

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