Spanish Tabloid Catches Room in Rome Star Elena Anaya in Nude Lesbian Frolic PIC

elena anaya nude beachHer newest film is called The Skin I Live In, and Spanish sexpot Elena Anaya is certainly comfortable in hers.

The Room in Rome star, who spent most of that film shagging Ukrainian beauty Natasha Yarovenko, revealed how she was able to play such a convincing carpet-muncher this week when a Spanish tabloid caught her and a gal pal frolicking completely nude on the beach. (By the way, how awesome is it that in Spain, you can run full-frontal nude pics in a regular ol’ celebrity tabloid?!)

If these pics are any skindication, Elena and her gal pal went home and licked the sand out of each others’ clams after their day on the (nude) beach. Mmmmm, fresh seafood.

Members can see skinternational star and confirmed lady-lover Elena Anaya in action right here at!

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