TV Nudity Report: Orla O’Rourke on Strike Back

O'Rourke strike back

The SkyTV/Skinemax co-production Strike Back has been on the air for a couple of episodes now, so let’s get up to speed: secret agents+ Asian hookers + horny barmaids = boobs. And something about saving the world from terrorists. In this week’s skinstallment, raven-haired Irish lass Orla O’Rourke makes her nude debut as a bad guy who uses her feminine ass-ets to lure unsuspecting men into the hands of a sinister criminal group. Orla explodes with sex appeal when she launches her chest missiles sunbathing topless by a pool, then she shows both snookers and seat meat in a steamy shower scene. She might be deadly, but this little fly is still willing to be caught in Orla’s sticky, sticky web. Especially since we’re the ones making it so sticky.

Members can see more from Orla O’Rourke on our Strike Back page, right here at!

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