La Femme Naked-a: Land of the Rising Sun Edition PICS

assassin ike 1

Tales of beautiful assassins and high-flying mistresses of the martial arts have been told in Japan since the dawn of time. Fortunately, movie cameras have been invented since then, adding a stimulating nude dimension to these lusty legends. Japan’s bustling blue (or “pink”, as they call it)-movie industry has been churning out tit-filled titles since the 1960s, and many of them feature naked knockouts who really know their way around a sword (flesh and otherwise):

assassin kiyazonoAs far back as Female Demon Ohyaku (1968), naked assassin Junko Miyazono bared the junk-o in her trunk-o running into a waterfall, setting the stage for the “pinky violence” flicks that would follow…

assassin ike 2The chef among which is Sex & Fury (1973). In Mr. Skin’s favorite cunt fu fighting scene of all time, Reiko Ike jumps out of the bath to mow down an army of bad guys wearing nothing but her birthday suit.

assassin sugimotoTasty little exploitation staple Miki Sugimoto unwittingly created a J-pop phenomenon when she starred in Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs (1974). The torrid tale of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s breast undercover agent, Red Handcuffs is the first in a popular and long-running franchise that has spanned over four fur-filled decades.

handa assassinMost recently, Sasa Handa bared her lovely little ta-tas as the tit-ular assassin in Zero Woman R (2008), the tenth Zero Woman film.

assassin kaiAnd while it unfortunately spawned no sequels, for sheer weirdness, you can’t beat Big Boobs Buster (1990). This breastacular film is the story of Harumi Kai, the flat-chested avenger who oils up and cuts down her more amply endowed friends in order to make molds of their mammaries. Hey, as long as the plot calls for lots and lots of tits, we’re in!

We’ve got plenty more katana-wielding cuties to put the rising sun in your pants, so check out Mr. Skin’s Pinky Violence: Reiko Ike & Japanese Sexploitation Greats and our Tattooed Tits: Japanese Yakuza Girls playlists now!

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