The 33D Invader Wants to Terminate Your Sperm PICS, VIDEO

33d terminatorIf Chinese sexploitation is anything like Chinese takeout, the Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy trailer, while briefly satisfying, just left you hungry for more. Well, you’re in luck!

Hong Kong director Cash Chin, who helmed such Category 3 (that’s Cantonese for “NC-17″) classics as The Fruit is Swelling, Sex & Chopsticks and Sex & Zen 2, is already following in 3D Sex and Zen’s wildly profitable footsteps with the 3D titty flick The 33D Invader. It’s basically The Terminator, only instead of Ah-nold we get the adorable Wu Qing-Qing (seen at left), a nude time traveler who comes from the future on a mission to collect sperm. Natasha Henstridge would be so proud.

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