Mr. Skin CONFIRMS Upcoming Full-Frontal Nudes from Emily Browning and Kirsten Dunst PIC

emily b sleeping 2Great news (and nudes), skin fans! We’ve been reporting on Sleeping Beauty and Melancholia since both films debuted at Cannes in May, but we haven’t been able to provide any details- until now!

Sleeping Beauty doesn’t have an American release date scheduled yet, though it is currently playing in Russia (we know, it’s weird) and hits UK theaters October 14. But screener copies have been sent out, and while we can’t show you the goods (yet), we’re beyond excited to report that Emily Browning DOES make her nude debut in this picture, and what a nude debut it is! Emily strips completely nude for multiple scenes of nude snoozing, baring her sleeping boobies, creamy white seat meat, and little red mustache (yes, the carpet matches the drapes)!

(Pictures from Sleeping Beauty have now made their way online-get a sneak peek of the uncensored nudes at Egotastic! )

More after the jump!

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