Check Out Some REAL "Good Old-Fashioned Orgies" with Mr. Skin PICS

bell orgy traielr

A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy star Lake Bell (seen above) appeared on Chelsea Lately last night, and Lake had some skinteresting comments, about, oh I dunno, US:

I think the key to shooting any kind of sexual, or nudity, scene is not to pull any faces. Because I pull faces a lot, like ‘ahhh, look at me, I’m crazy’, and there’s all this stuff going on that’s NOT pretty in a still….Now I’ve got it down, so if there’s nudity involved of any sort…you have to…make sure you’re kind of posing in your face a little, cause it’s going to be freeze framed. Mr. Skin, you know….

Thanks for the shout-out, Lake, but we’re going to have to call your bluff on this one, because you’ve never actually BEEN nude in a movie! Not even in this movie- Angela Sarafyan is the only one who peels to reveal in A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy.

It’s clear these ladies need a lesson in what a REAL good old-fashioned orgy looks like, and what better place to turn than the swingin’ ‘70s for skinspiration?

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