Ginger Lynn and Co

Beautiful, blonde, shapely Ginger Lynn, one of the all-time hottest superstars of x-rated video entertainment, reveals in intimate detail the built-for-sex body and the sexual know-how that has continued to keep her high on everybody’s list of wet dream fodder. Her first encounter in this video is with a big-boobed brunette in a swimming pool. Ginger’s hands and mouth go into action to turn the other girl on, after which she sits at the side of the pool with her luscious legs spread and lets herself be fingered and kissed and licked. Super-stud Marc Wallace wanders onto the patio, and you can bet that he gets it from both girls at the same time. Is Marc up to the challenge? You bet! As always, his awesome equipment plunges into hot juicy action in a performance that delivers everything you, he and the two horny girls want! The rest of the company is also in the mood for lust. There are two-ways, three-ways, and every which ways, with two girls and a guy, two guys and a girl, and even a four-way with two girls and two guys. One particularly erotic scene involves that incredibly-structured Blondi9 who plays a maid. When tired Tony Montana expresses his desire to get some rest, the Amazonian California girl shows him that he’s not as tired as he though he was. The legendary blonde beauty Serena also makes an appearance, letting the parched tongue of a bearded stud satisfy its thirst at her always-soggy fountain, after which the flaxen-haired goddess lets him satisfy her deeper desires of the flesh!

Lenght: 01:18:27

Year: 1989

Director: N/A

Ginger Lynn Allen

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