Carey Mulligan Makes Her Full-Frontal Nude Debut in Shame

mulligan shameShame, the second film by Steve McQueen (the British director, not “Bullitt”) had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival last week. Even the jaded critics in the audience were shocked by the film’s sexplicit NC-17 content, including indiewire‘s David Gritten, who called the movie “edgy” and “transgressive.” Gritten went on to say:

Michael Fassbender
plays Brandon, a successful thirtysomething Manhattan executive…He is obsessed by sexual gratification, and surfs internet porn on his computer at work and his laptop at home. He seduces women in bars, on the subway and in his office.

Carey Mulligan co-stars as Fassbender’s capricious sister, who apparently proves that sex addiction can be genetic:

Fassbender has several scenes involving full-frontal nudity and Mulligan has one of her own... Presumably it would receive an NC-17 rating, and even liberal American audiences are more likely to be turned off by its explicitness than their European counterparts.

…in other words, a perfect date movie, if your date is a smut-minded European. (And if she is, does she have any single friends we can call?)

This will be the full-frontal debut for pixie-maned Carey, who has briefly shown her suck sacks in When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007) and The Greatest (2009). Carey’s will NOT be the only female flesh on display, either; earlier this summer, several up-and-coming actresses shocked passerby by engaging in public nudity while filming in Manhattan (See the pics here).

Shame‘s release dates are still TBA, but members can see more from Carey Mulligan right now here at!

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