Sneeze Fetishists Want to Know: Is Contagion the Sexy Kind of Epidemic?

cotillard contagion

You’d think that with a cast stacked with classy, ass-y stars like Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow, the sneeze fetish community (and yes there is one, there’s a fetish for everything) would be all over Contagion like a sneeze on a salad bar. After all, Marion Cotillard plays an expert in the forensics of sneezing- that’s like fantasy made hot French flesh right there.

But as it turns out, the sneeze fetish is not all-encompassing. While some are “too shy” to see it in the theater for fear of pitching a trouser tent, others say sneezes aren’t sexy when someone, you know, dies as a result, with one user on the Sneeze Fetish Forum saying “the whole epidemic/pandemic element takes absolutely all of the appeal out sneezes and illness for me. “

Another user is cynical about Contagion for an entirely different reason: “Knowing Hollywood, they will still find a way to cut all the sneezes out of this movie,” he writes.

We hear you man, the MPAA is nothing but problems for us regular ol’ booby-lovers too. Perverts of the world unite!

Mr. Skin lives to please, so go check out Natasha Pavlovich having a topless sneezing fit on Dream On, sneeze fetishists- and everyone can appreciate Marion Cotillard, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet nude, right here on!

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