Inner Blues

Inner Blues is a rarity in adult productions. It is lavish. It is wild. And it’s got the live, hard driven pulsating metal music by Gutz. The action revolves around “Club 64″ — the bar where the pick-ups are made — the stage where the young and beautiful looking-for-stardom hopefuls perform — and the main floor where the gyrating, undulating crowds rock to the beat in sensual heat!
The main participants are Lauren, starry-eyed, vulnerable and incredibly desirable, waiting for a big break as a dancer and her boyfriend Bruce, a drug-weary musician down with the blues. Giving brilliant performances in these parts are the wonderful Taija Rae, the handsome Jerry Butler, the outrageous Frankie Leigh, the villainous Viper and William Margold as Rocky. If you’re looking for some superior film viewing — and listening — catch the beat, the sensual heat of Inner Blues. It will rock you off your feet!

Lenght: 01:16:51

Year: 1987

Director: Vinni Rossi

Taija Rae

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