Shone Taylor and Jerry Butler are a couple of astronomy nuts who head out to the woods for a weekend of comet watching, but who end up discovering some fabulous tails that have nothing to do with the comet. Using their big old telescope, they look in on the cabin of Bambi Allen and Lori Lovitt, who are exploring each other’s heavenly bodies. Then, when they are joined by a male lover, the show gets even better. The next day, the girls show up at the boys’ cabin, and send them into orbit. When their wives show up, however, things get a little Apollo 13ish. But things work out for the best and the wives manifest a very horny bisexual side, and everybody totally forgets about the comet. An adult comedy classic.

Lenght: 01 h 09 min 27 sec

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Lori Lovitt

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