Fantastic Flesh from Fantastic Fest, Part 2: Clown, Polvora Negra, Boys on the Run [PICS]

clown; the MovieAfter a long day of screenings, we’ve got more skinternational nudity for you from Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas!

Raunchy comedy ruled on days 4 and 5 of the festival, with the gleefully filthy comedies Clown: The Movie and Boys on the Run stepping up to challenge The Hangover 2‘s shock-value supremacy. Nothing is taboo- accidental pedophilia, unbearably awkward threesomes, even lending your cute coworker a bestiality porn DVD- in these films that show that sex jokes are truly the universal language.

Get nudity reports from Clown: The Movie, Boys on the Run, and the Brazilian Western Polvora Negra after the jump!

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