Slip Into Silk

Kelly Nichols is the a silky smooth lady DJ whose night-time show attracts lots of lusty listeners. Why? It must have something to do with her seductive voice and sultry imagination, qualities which she puts to wicked use whenever her turntables stop spinning. But there’s trouble brewing at the station. Janey Robbins, the sneaky, kinky mistress of the general manager, likes the little niche Kelly has carved out and she wants it all to herself. When Kelly gets wind of the plot, the cat fight which ensues kicks up plenty of dust. Kelly is at the top of her form here, and turns in a stellar performance, both in the acting and sexual arenas. But it’s Ms. Robbins who steals each scene with her combination of earth sensuality and mesmerizing beauty and sophistication. A classic.

Lenght: 01:16:04

Year: 1985

Director: Michael Striker

Kelly Nichols

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