Dark Passions

If your favorite color is black on white, if Oreos are your favorite cookie, if you’re into contrast, this is the selection for you. VCR has carefully collected the most beautiful sets of mix-and-match males and females and brought them to you in living color and exciting sound. Watch Nita give her milk to her two dark-complected friends, or Vickie as she stuffs her girlfriend with a black rubber toy until handsome Dash comes in to give her something better to do. Or sit back and enjoy the exotic fantasies and forbidden behavior. And join with us in amazement as we bring this selection to a sizzling climax when a well-hung white stud and an even bigger black buck come together to arouse the sweet senorita any way they can.

Lenght: 00 h 54 min 57 sec

Year: 1983

Director: N/A

Christine Delimar

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