Hon ?lskade en sommar

Romeo Calligari charming Italian man (Jack Frank) meets Gladys by chance…a beautiful woman (Barbara Scott) while she have some problems with her car. So she agree to go with his custom-built car. This classic meeting leads the acquaintances to hardly become sexual lovers. Their relation is excellent from all points of view, and full of every satisfactions, especially when they are bedridden.
Complications arise when the woman’s teenage daughter Doris (Anne Magle) falls in love for her lover. In fact, the girl use all female strategies to seduce her mother’s man, and she will be able to do it. So burst a wonderful new love story between the man and the teenager, full and intense more than the first. When the mother will discover the betrayal will decide to kill everybody, including herself.

Lenght: 01:20:45

Year: 1977

Director: Andrei Feher

Barbara Scott

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