Anal Intruder 7

Once Again, The Most Intimate Intrusion… Lilly’s friend is having trouble getting aroused. So Lilly does what any good friend would. She tries to find the magic formula. She tries vibrators. Voyeurism. Spanking. Peter North. Nothing works. Until she tries DP’s and anal. Bingo, Presenting Anal Intruder 7 directed by Michael Carpenter, with Lilly Xene, and her dirtiest. May we intrude?

Lenght: 01:26:26

Year: 1993

Director: Michael Carpenter

Rebecca Bardoux   
T.T. Boy   
Micky Lynn   
Tami Monroe   
Peter North   
Terry Thomas   
Crystal Wilder   
Lilli Xene   

Click on image to download video.

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