Exzesse in der Sch?nheitsfarm

A young woman named Giselle Burt (Eva Kleber) goes to travel agency Avonture Aavoy to book a trip to an exclusive cure resort Ch?teau la Folie. This Ch?teau is staffed by four men, although the client?le is entirely female. Alban (Alban Ceray) and Christian (Richard Allan) are the owners, assisted by Francios (Francois Terlah) the personal trainer and Dieter (Gerard Lippard) the German cook. These professionals are committed to play out all the women’s fantasies. All sorts of attractive women with money to burn come and go and actually pay these four ugly, hairy men to have as much sex with them as possible. Giselle is checked in by Alban (non sexually) while Christian is pleasing Patricia Pasquale (who’s featured in the first and last sex scene in this film). Though the entire operation was Alban’s idea, Christian feels he’s doing all the work. So, Alban wows to prove him wrong while their annoying pet parrot laughs at him.

Lenght: 01:18:40

Year: 1984

Director: Michel Caputo

Richard Lemieuvre

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