Oriental Lust

The very best in far eastern eroticism is lavishly presented in “Oriental Lust”, a carnal compilation of luscious ladies from the land of the rising sun. You’ll see hot couples, sizzling three ways, lusty lesbian action, anal aerobics, all so fast and furious you’ll watch it again and again! This premiere video reveals it all with unbridled ecstasy, torrid passion, and scorching action. Maria Tortuga, Ming Toy, and Lorna Nuygen want to show you the ancient secrets of Asian sexual pleasure passed down from the Geishas.Oriental Lust is a definite must for anyone who can’t get enough of Asian vixens delivering one erotica pleasure after another.

Lenght: 01 h 09 min 21 sec

Year: 1984

Director: N/A

Kyoto Sun

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