Gymno Fotomodelo

Pavlos Dellis is a young ship-owner, extremely dynamic both as a businessman and as a womanizer. While inspecting the shipyards of Piraeus, he tries to extort from two major shareholders of his company (Morgan and Kirimis) the transfer of their shares to himself. Otherwise, he’ll do everything in his power to ruin the shipping company. Morgan is quite reluctant and seems to be expecting something to happen. Indeed, shortly after, we see a con-man on a swivel crane, aiming at Dellis. He shoots at him, but unsuccessfully. Dellis’s bodyguards start pursuing him, the police are also summoned. They finally manage to kill him. Lying in ambush, young Harris (probably an accomplice) informs his bosses of the news. The young tycoon is still alive.

Lenght: 01:03:14

Year: 1978

Director: Omiros Efstratiadis

Yiorgos Gintis

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