Breast Worx 14

Dee Dee knows how to fill a bra. Tanner knows how to fill her. When they get together, fulfillment is a hand–even for the most jaded big-tit lover. Heather has a set of home-wreckers that cry out to be squeezed, in the worst way. Her old sex-ed teacher is happy to comply when they meet at a re-union. Heather has the chance to make up for her poor showing in class with a lesson for teacher in one-UP-manship. When the girls get together to bounce a few ideas around, the idea becomes to bounce their boobs around-and Stormin’ Norman gets caught in the middle.

Lenght: 01:07:43

Year: 1992

Director: Bobby Hollander

Dee Dee Reeves   
Kristarah Knight   
Rick Savage   
Cal Jammer   
Ted Wilson   

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