Gaelle, Malou… et Virginie

Tim (Collignon), a young sportsman, goes to visit his aunt and his two nieces, Gaelle and Malou, in their villa on the countryside for the summer holidays. He is fascinated by Virginie, a nymphomaniac who stays with some friends nearby, but is repulsed because she is having sex with every man in sight (for instance, she has an anal scene with Cyril Val whilst she sucks two other dicks). Tim has affairs with the girl at the local shop (Quénie), a friend (Arancio), a neighbouring lonely girl. The nieces try to seduce him, but he is not interested in them. At a bal masquée, he meets a tranvestite, leaves.

Lenght: 01:21:32

Year: 1977

Director: Pierre Unia

Carine Francois   
Catherine Laffin   
Chantal Ladesou   
Christine Mezza   
Evelyne Pomorska   
France Quenie   
Gilda Arancio   
Gisele Petiot   
Judith Novak   
Marie-Christine Carliez   
Marie-Helene Georgieva   
Yves Collignon   
Cyril Val   
Pierre Aurly   
Michel Bouttier   
Philippe Combes   
Alain Comti   
Michel Degand   
Erik Deroo   
Francois Guillaume   
Milo Malaguenne   
Nicolas Piery   
Michel Unia   

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