Esas chicas tan pu..

Several women decide that a whore house catering to lesbians and gay men would be an easier way to make a living. It does not turn out to be so easy. Broken arms, lesbian triangles and jealousy, fetish requests, and so on make life interesting and hilarious. Non-Stop Naked Euro Babes and Simulated Sex in this Cult Sex Comedy, which is has tons of great Lesbian Content and great humor.

Lenght: 01:29:39

Year: 1982

Director: Ignacio Ferres Iquino

Emma Quer   
Andrea Albani   
Diana Conca   
Jaime Bascu   
Silvia Solar   
Conrado Tortosa ‘Pipper’   
Olga Ballesteros   
Juan Zanni   
Amparo Moreno   
Mir Ferry   
Josep Lluis Fonoll   
Miguel Aviles   
Rafael Tormo   

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