Is Leslie Mann’s Nude Debut in The Change-Up a CGI Fraud?

mann cgi boobs

At this point, no news is good news when it comes to the nudes in The Change-Up. First Olivia Wilde‘s suckle stalks were revealed to be CGI fakes, and now it looks like Leslie Mann‘s supposed nude debut in the film is also a case of skinematic shenanigans. Skin Central received a tip from a reader that Leslie talked about her “nude debut” on Access Hollywood last week, and here’s what piqued our skinterest:

Access Hollywood: There are some hilarious scenes- hilarious NUDE scenes- with the Thai food, the breast feeding…what was it like shooting those scenes?

Leslie: To grow bigger boobs? (laughs) It was really hard, bit some people can do that, and I can. It’s this strange talent that I have.

AH: So was there a body double?

L: Yeah, I can do things like that. (laughs)

Leslie’s being coy, but in The Change-Up her face is visible in both “topless” scenes- one where she bares her rightie breastfeeding a baby, and one when she emerges from the bathroom topless (The “Thai food scene”), making a body double all but skinpossible. So, we’re guessing this means her cans are actually CGI fakes, added after shooting was complete. If this trend continues, the only guys who’ll be seeing celebrity nudes in the future are post-production artists. Anybody want to help Skin Central learn Photoshop?

See the rest of the interview at Access Hollywood (thanks, Othey Guy) and check out Leslie Mann right here at!

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