Interview With A Milkman

It’s the great Milk Wars of ’74. Joe’s trying to maintain his title of Best Milkman…but he is constantly side tracked by the beautiful ladies on his route. Like the sultry Madelyn Knight, slinky Laura Palmer, plus nasty Kim Kummings and that hot blonde tart Sindee Coxx. Their angry husbands, and their rabid pets. It’s Interview With a MIlkman. Vivid Interactive’s first with Madelyn Knight. It’s part ass and part acidophilus. And it’s from Ralph Parfait. And Ralph does a body good

Lenght: 01:22:36

Year: 1995

Director: Ralph Parfait

Madelyn Night   
Kimberly Kummings   
Laura Palmer   
Sindee Coxx   
Bobby Vitale   
Jon Dough   
Steve Drake   

Click on image to download video.

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