Forever Young

Like many women- the older Asia gets- the more she longs for her youth- and the chance to do it all again. Only this time there’s a difference: She gets that chance. It’s Austin Ellison’s Forever Young- featuring Asia- Tina Tyler- Alex Dane and Valeria- in a tribute to yesterdays- and the wild sexual abandon that was always a part of them. Join us for the trip back. Where second chances happen- where the blush of a lady is the blush of youth … And may you stay Forever Young.

Lenght: 01:05:40

Year: 1995

Director: Austin Ellison

Alex Dane   
Amber Woods   
Asia Carrera   
Brooke Waters   
Tina Tyler   
Grey Waters   
J.P. Anthony   
Marc Wallice   
Nick East   
Steven St. Croix   

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