Le Journal Erotique D’une Thailandaise

Paul Vernon is a photographer (if there was a sub-plot about spies, I didn’t follow it). We see him snapping Marilyn Jess and Julia Perrin in Paris. Then he joins them at a very raucnhy picnic, has an argument with his ex-wife (Cathy Stewart) and storms off. He then goes on a photographic assignment in Bangkok with models Claudine (Brigitte Lahaie) and Yvonne (France Lomay). Claudine seems to be his girlfriend but she can’t get him interested (unbelievable) and she and Yvonne take advantage of a drunk at the hotel for a threesome (hard core). Paul becomes obsessed with Emmanuele, a Thai prostitute/model. He wants to have an affiar with her but two gangsters attack him and take the girl back. Yvonne samples the delights of a Bangkok massage parlour, masturbating while a Thai girl is taken from behind by a Thai man. Paul flies back to Paris and we see no more of Claudine and Yvonne. He has another argument with his ex-wife and again goes to the picnic orgy whihc has now moved on to hard core. He storms off and flies to Bangkok again and finds Emmanuele with a client. She refuses to go away with him in order to save him from the gangsters.

Lenght: 01:29:40

Year: 1980

Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy

Brigitte Lahaie

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