Samantha Fox Collection

Samantha Fox is trained and worked as a ballet dancer before she burst onto the porn scene in 1978. She was a bright girl with a cheerful smile, bodacious curves, and well above average acting skills. Samantha had what it took to land many starring roles and was lauded by the industry throughout her all-too-short career. Here we have captured the essence of Samantha with 2 hours of rare scenes that give more than a taste of this legend!


Year: 1993

Director: N/A

Samantha Fox   
Candida Royalle   
Gloria Leonard   
Kandi Barbour   
Kim Clarke   
Merle Michaels   
Vanessa Del Rio   
Victoria Slick   
Billy Dee   
Bobby Astyr   
David Ruby   
Kenny Dino   
Jesse Adams   
George Payne   
Robert Kerman   
Randy West   
Ron Hudd   
Russ Carlson   

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