Lottery Lust

Buck Adams has come a long way. He started out as a walking hard-on, and has now become a walking hard-on who can act the pants off of actors with twice his experience. He plays Eddie, a typically middle-class guy who is slaving away at his job just to keep up his middle-class lifestyle. Lottery Lust takes a cute idea and builds a wonderfully charming story around Eddie’s mundane existence that changes when he wins one million dollars in the lottery. He forgets about his girlfriend, since all she ever thought about was how to spend his money, and with his roommate (Jason Fox) set out to get their full of life in the fast lane. Video quality is concurrent with the advancing standards, building lush images from smoothly intercut sex scenes that titillate and tease. The camera glides in so closely that one can see a vagina lubricating while being eaten. As with most current product, this tape is somewhat of a wall-to-waller. Renee Summers looks to be making a comeback, too. She has never looked (or acted) better than here. the closeness and sensitivity in the camera technique is the element that makes this production happen. There is nothing like a gradual close-up of a man dripping upon a woman’s breast, that focuses on her nipple growing hard from the stimulation. It looks like Lottery Lust proves to be a winning ticket.


Year: 1986

Director: Patty Rhodes

Bunny Bleu   
Gina Carrera   
Melissa Melendez   
Nikki Charm   
Renee Summers   
Tracey Adams   
Buck Adams   
Jason Fox   
John Holmes   

Click on image to download video.

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