Virgin Hostage

The present print of “Virgin Hostage” seems to be missing a bit of introductory material, but it starts off with a car racing away from what we soon discover was a bank robbery. Swish pans, shaky hand-held camera work and a twangy, Merseybeat soundtrack underscore the excitement. Meanwhile, two hippy chicks in short sundresses are seen walking out of a building. The girls chitchat about the upcoming weekend and, flashing forward to their “apartment,” you know, the one that always looks like a hotel room. they call a few friends and ask them to drop by later with some take-out chicken. Outside the girls’ building, the three bank robbers inspect the apparently inoperative engine of their getaway car. Toting a couple of guns and a paper sack full of money, they decide to hole up nearby. Cut to the interior of the girl’s apartment and the gangster’s rush in brandishing their rods. One of the chicks, a flabby, pasty-assed, bleached blonde, just happens to be (yuck!) nude at the moment; the other girl, a brunette (played by West Coast XXX sex siren Suzanne Fields), is immediately gagged.


Year: 1972

Director: N/A

Lagusa Bendova   
Suzanne Fields   
Leroy Jones   
Sheldon Lee   

Click on image to download video.

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