It Happened In Hollywood

Is a hardcore porn/comedy feature film which was made during that brief period in the late ’60s and early ’70s when feature-length pornography was sometimes shown in regular motion picture theaters. It follows on the success of Deep Throat. It has the dubious distinction of depicting more sex acts per minute than any such feature to date. The comic story which distinguishes the film revolves around a pornography Academy Award, and the shooting of the film which wins the award. This film features cameos by Screw magazine publisher Al Goldstein, and producer Jim Buckley. The movie should not to be confused with the 1937 feature comedy with the same name starring Richard Dix and Fay Wray.’


Year: 1972

Director: Peter Locke

Agnes Brev   
Melissa Hall   
Flo Zeasily   
Cindy West   
Tanya Tickler   
Al Goldstein   
Roger Caine   
Alan Spitz   
Jamie Gillis   
Guy Thomas   
Harry Reems   
Marc Stevens   
Peter Bramley   
Richard Sternberger   

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