Sofia Vergara: "I’ve Had Huge Boobs Since I Was 13"

vergara boobs 2

Capping off a week of sexy celebs sharing their suckle-stalk secrets is Sofia Vergara, the Columbian export who is currently straining men’s jeans as Gloria on Modern Family. According to Sofia, she’s been making the hombres sweat for quite some time now- in a surprisingly sexy interview (well, for middle-aged mom mag Redbook, anyway), Sofia shares this tantalizing tidbit about her tits:

I’ve had these ridiculously huge boobs since I was super young. Like, 13. I was really skinny at that time, so it was weird to have those f–king boobs and be skinny. It was hideous. Then after I had my kid, I got hips and everything started to come together.

Are we sure Sofia knows what “hideous” means?

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