Panty Party

A panty salesman readies his two models for a buyer’s show but is first compelled to have quick sex with one of them. He finishes up just as the two buyers arrive with a female associate played by porn legend RENE BOND! The girls model the various styles of panties and we are treated to a variety of panty crotch shots that demonstrate why body make-up is very important if you’re going to make skin movies. After the modeling, the couples pair off on the floor. There’s a brief intermission as jealousy affects one girl, leading to a vase-breaking cat fight, which leads to an apologetic girl-girl encounter, and then more multi-couple couplings until, as the frogs say, fin.


Year: 1972

Director: N/A

Cyndee Summers   
Rene Bond   
Tina Smith   
Franklin Anthony   
Rick Cassidy   
Rick Lutze   

Click on image to download video.

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