As Novas Sacanagens Do Viciado Em C

Small villages in the country are probably the places where some of the craziest and most horniest people live, and this village in Brazil is no exception. Filled with horny young girls and dirty old men, everything is possible as these teens get fucked on the meadows, by the river and in a great group scene with three girls and a lucky guy who gets to pound their little pussies as hard as he wants in a mid eighties vintage classic.


Year: 1985

Director: Roberto Fedegoso

Silvio Jr.   
Patricia Petri   
James Cardosо   
Deborah Muniz   
Eliane Gabarron   
Walter Gabarron   
Wilson Sampson   
Rosari Graziozi   
Maria Tereza   
Edio Smanio   
Kelly Cristina   
Jose Nilton   
Marcelo Nobrega   
Milton dos Santos   
Silvia Martins   
Luiz Villeti   
Wilmar Santos   
Turibio Ruiz   

Click on image to download video.

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