Vanessa Obsession

Tony Montana loves hot Latin girls, and the girls back home in Columbia give him plenty of nice memories, but the hottest Latin he’s ever seen is Vanessa Del Rio. Unfortunately she’s in America. We follow the adventures of Tony as he struggles to sneak across the border into America to find his true love, Vanessa. His dangerous journey leads him into the backyards and gardens of beautiful American women. But they’re all blondes! Blondes who tease and tantalize, and who can’t do it like this true love. The Vanessa obsession sizzles with newcomer Stephanie Rage, simmers with voluptuous Jacqueline Lorians, and catches fire with a bevy of the most beautiful latin women in the world, including the hottest Latin of them all Vanessa Del Rio.

Lenght: 01:23:27

Year: 1987

Director: N/A

Vanessa del Rio

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