The Lust Bug

The Lust Bug is loaded with options. It’s a bright blue beetle given to Marc Wallice by his wacky uncle, and it’s a car with some erotic extras. It has the power to grant sexual wishes, so when Marc tells it that he’d like to get some, he ends up in a dreamy breakfast boff with luscious Cheri Janvier. His buddy Tom Byron makes his wish and finds himself in a heated hot tub tussle with Kristara Barrington! And when his pal Peter North makes a crack about the Lust Bug, the car gets even with him by driving his girlfriend into the arms of sweet Ali Moore for some lesbian lust. It’s turbo-charged, full-throttle action right up to the checkered flag in this tantalizing tale of tight butts and lug nuts!

Lenght: 01:20:08

Year: 1985

Director: Hal Freeman

Sharon Mitchell

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